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Vad Kunság
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Videoregistrazioni: DVD

Vad Kunság : a Puszta rejtett élete / Szabolcs Mosonyi

NatFilm, 2015

Abstract: In the middle of the Carpathian Basin, lying between the Tisza and the Danube, the landscape is like many other plain areas in Europe that were once shaped by rivers and winds. Today it bears traces of human activities; however, the Great Hungarian Plain is different from the others. It has a secret life where something interesting happens all the time. During the breeding season in the endless pastures, great male bustards hustle about and push each other around. The white salty lakes are like big international airports crowded with migrating birds in the spring and autumn. Groups of young eagles are clumsily hunting, while the strong winds build up to 30-40-meter high mounds that rabbits use as their habitat, turning them into Swiss cheeses. The short-eared owl spreads its wings to fly, while the rivers are covered with a blanket of may-beetles making it difficult for the bare eye to see the other side of the bank. The protagonist of the documentary is quite an odd creature. It once lived in this territory, but it was almost hunted to extinction and vanished from here for decades. This four-legged courageous predator fears no danger! The golden jackal learned to live an inconspicuous life by hiding in the shadows, but now the golden jackal has returned!